About MXI

About MXI
MXI - Ron Potter

My name is Ron Potter, the President of MXI,

MXI is a family business. My father started Maumee Express Inc, a local drayage company operating in the New York commercial zone in 1960. That company evolved from humble beginnings into a prospering over-the-road success. I assumed control of the business after my father passed in 1984 and continued to grow the business. During the 1980’s we had the foresight to acquire permits to transport hazardous waste in most of the United States. From our base in New Jersey, we started formed MXI Environmental Services, LLC to focus on recycling various types of solid and hazardous waste at a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) that we built in Virginia starting in the late 1990’s before it became popular. We subsequently added a Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) to recycle ethanol adjacent to our MRF in Abingdon, Virginia. My oldest son, Brian Potter joined the company in 2004 and oversaw a significant expansion of the initial DSP which was fully operational by 2006.

At this point we were operating as 3 companies with highly efficient operations:

  1. A Hazardous Waste Trucking company (Maumee Express)
  2. A Materials Recovery Facility that focuses on Household hazardous and industrial waste recycling (MXI Environmental Services)
  3. Two Distilled Spirits Plants focused on ethanol recycling (Dynamic Recycling)

MXI Environmental Services (our household hazardous waste program) has realized and continues to realize substantial growth in recent years. My son, Craig Potter, has been mainly responsible for running an efficient and fine tuned operation.

MXI Environmental Services serves hundreds of county and municipal customers in 20 states. Our company organizes and executes several hundred “collection events” that remove household hazardous waste that impact the safety and the quality of life for thousands of citizens.

Ron Potter