Latex Paint Recycling

Approved Vendor for Paintcare

MXI operates a world class latex paint recycling operation. We are recycling hundreds of thousands of gallons of post consumer latex paint into coatings that are used domestically and internationally.

MXI is an approved vendor for Paintcare, a 501(c)(3) formed by the American Coatings Association ("ACA"). The organization advocates for and administers paint stewardship programs throughout the country.

Latex Paint Recycling

The Process

MXI collects waste latex paint Primarily at household hazardous waste events.  The aim is to keep hazardous materials out of the residual waste stream and ensure the material is handled properly by a vetted professional waste collection company (MXI).

Although waste latex paint is not hazardous, it is the largest waste stream received at HHW events. MXI collects the waste latex paint, segregates it from the hazardous waste, safely packages and transports it to our latex paint recycling facility.

The waste latex paint is received and it is now considered feedstock for our process.

Each can is unloaded and screened to ensure it is latex paint. Once confirmed, the paint is sorted by color and bulked into 275 gallon batches.

Each batch is filtered and treated to industry specifications to meet quality control standards and customer expectations. Treatments include:

  • pH adjustment
  • viscosity
  • color refinement
  • biocides
  • additives for exterior suitability
  • stabilizers

The finished paint shipped out in:

  • 10 ounce craft bottles.
  • 1 gallon cans
  • 5 gallon buckets
  • 275 gallon totes


MXI Paint Recycling