MXI is a leading provider of regulated waste management services and resource recovery. We offer a full range of regulated hazardous waste management services and a cutting edge paint recycling program. Our company operates a fleet of permitted vehicles, national network of terminals, staff of highly trained personnel, a Materials Recovery Facility equipped with a permitted Distilled Spirits Plant, and Latex Paint Recycling Facility to provide customers with a variety of specialized waste management services.

Transportation Services MXI

MXI owns and operates all of its equipment utilizing fully trained and licensed employees, making us one of the most trusted hazardous waste disposal companies.

Environmental Services MXI

We offer a variety of environmental services. Given our resources and our highly qualified technical team, MXI is qualified to address any of your environmental concerns.

Household Waste Events MXI

MXI is the premiere service provider for household hazardous waste collection events sponsored by states, counties, and municipalities.

Paint Recycling MXI

MX's latex paint recycling facility converts post consumer latex paint into world class coatings.

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