December 1st, 2017

How is this not number one?

Explosives are rarely dangerous to the touch. They are also not reactive with air, light, or water. They need an ignition source to react. They can make a dangerous fire much more dangerous. Most hazmat companies and professionals, including MXI, have dealt with fires involving, or in the proximity of, hazardous materials. Those situations are dangerous enough before adding explosives to the mix.

Explosive products vary at HHW events. We receive, most often inadvertently, explosives like gun ammunition, black powder, and TNT. Some commercial products are explosive as well, including marine flares. Without an ignition source all of these material are not deadly to the touch, although you should avoid touching (and ingesting) them at all cost.

MXI is not permitted to take ANY of this material. It only comes into our possession when a tech makes a mistake or a customer hides material knowingly, which happens too frequently. One time bullets were found in a latex paint can before they were put through a shredder. The tech who caught that is a hero.

We would encourage residents to contact the police department regarding any ammo or other explosives. The most common, marine flares, can be given away to boat owners who need them for emergencies. If MXI took that material we would have to inconvenience the same people (police department and bomb squad) only we would be doing it on a Saturday.

If the material was somehow not screened properly MXI would get in trouble with regulators. And if, god forbid, a fire broke out near those explosives they could turn an unfortunate fire into a tragic one.

Please label any explosive material you have and contact your authorities before bring the material to the household hazardous waste events.