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Environmental Services


MXI is a diverse firm that offers a variety of environmental services. We have an active national network of fully staffed facilities that are permitted 10 day hazardous waste transfer station. These same facilities also function as mobilization centers for various field services work. MXI owns a Materials Recovery Facility in Abingdon VA that is permitted to receive and treat solid wastes and waste commercial goods for resource recovery. MXI is fully licensed and qualified to broker and manage hazardous waste disposal to authorized Hazardous Waste TSDF Facilities. Our goal is to recover and recycle everything possible. Beneficial reuse of waste materials is our mission.

Given our resources and our highly qualified technical team, MXI is qualified to address any of your environmental concerns. Please contact us for any inquiries. Please see below for details on our Even if we are not capable of assisting your issues, we can put you in contact with a local partner in the industry who can.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

MXI offers on-site hazardous waste removal management. We are equipped to offer vacuum truck services, confined spaced entry, tank cleaning, soil remediation, asbestos removal and chemical waste disposal.

Our vacuum truck service includes removing various liquids including, but not limited to paints, solvents, contaminated sludge, metal-bearing wastes, pesticides, wastewater, and more. We transport all industrial and drum waste to our material recovery facility or an approved third party so you can be confident in the safe delivery of your waste materials.

As a premier environmental cleanup company capable of offering vacuum truck services, confined space entry, disposing of drum waste, and remediation, MXI has proven we are diverse and flexible enough to complete any task presented to us. Please contact us with any inquiries or questions about our beneficial reuse programs.

Haz Mat Entry


Contract # GS-10F0013Y

Since 2011, we’ve developed a strong working relationship with our partners in the federal government. The firm is authorized to preform disposal of lab and chemical waste, drum waste, and also consulting services as a contractor for the United States Federal Government. Our business has grown every year, and we are excited to continue cultivating this relationship. Our clients have included:

  • Food and Drug Administration
  • NOAA
  • Social Security Administration
  • U.S. Geology Service
  • U.S. Navy

The MXI is approved for two categories of service:

  • 899 1 – Environmental Consulting Services
  • 899 5 – Materials and Waste Recycling and Disposal Services

See our complete contract information at GSA e-library.

Contract officers can contact us anytime with any inquiries, quote requests, or request for proposals.

Labpacking – Chemical Waste Disposal

MXI has a certified staff to characterize, segregate and package hazardous and non-hazardous chemical wastes for a lab, school, or any company. Our team will enter your lab or facility and provide full-scale chemical waste disposal and cleaning in full compliance with all environmental regulations. As a premier hazardous waste removal and waste recycling company, our trained technicians will provide proper packaging of inventories, preparation of manifests, profiles, certifications, labels and more. We also provide transportation from your lab to our facility or any third party specialty disposal facilities.

Please contact us with any inquiries about:

  • Lab Chemical Waste Disposal
  • Drum Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Labpacks or labpacking services

Environmental Consulting and Legal Assistance

Real estate purchases or bankruptcies are periodically complicated by environmental issues or waste contamination. MXI specializes in assisting legal and real estate firms with environmental cleanup, site remediation, and drum waste removal. Our firm is capable of assisting clients overcome environmental related obstacles required to finish facilitating their business deals. MXI will provide references and relevant work summaries by request.

Please contact us with any inquiries. Our technical staff can provide you a free response review of your inquiry. If we cannot solve your problem we can certainly point you in the right direction free of charge!

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Commodities Management

Plastic recycling - waste
Sewage treatment plant
metallic shaving

MXI generates a significant amount of commodities during our operational processes. MXI believes that if anything can be kept out of the waste stream, it should be. The company utilizes a variety of bailers, separators, and skill technicians to segregate and consolidate various commodities for reuse. MXI has built partnerships with commodities brokers and large recyclers throughout the country and looks to be a leader in reclamation of any materials designated as unusable. MXI also directly takes in scrap steel, aluminum, brass, copper, cardboard, #1 PET, and #2 PET plastic, which is incorporated into our various recovery streams.

MXI’s cutting edge evaporation technologies give MXI the distinct edge in wastewater recovery. In partnership with various composting operations, MXI stands capable of fully recovering wastewater generated in the distillation process or from other clients and using it for composting operations. The ability to compost varies based on the components of the wastewater.

Please contact us for additional information regarding commodities or wastewater management.

Emergency Response

MXI is capable of providing emergency spill response within reach of our facilities. Our company is uniquely equipped with our vacuum truck capabilities and spill control equipment. We have responded to emergency jobs that required cleaning oil spills, diesel fuel spills, and petroleum products spills. MXI has shown we are one of the trusted companies capable of containing and cleaning spills on highways, nature preserves, and waterways.

Please contact us anytime with inquiries.


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