Household Hazardous Waste Collections

Since 2001, MXI is the premiere service provider for household hazardous waste collection events sponsored by states, counties, and municipalities. MXI has conducted over 1,000 successful one day events and operated 5 permanent facilities over the last 10 years. In 2015 we conducted over 300 events and processed 7 million pounds of household hazardous waste. Our clients include some of the largest municipalities in the Northeast, such as:

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With 100 40-hour HAZWHOPER trained technicians to staff the events and all the equipment necessary to service them, MXI is the top service provider of Household Hazardous Waste Collections and Processing services in the county. The glowing reviews we’ve received from clients speak for themselves.

All Household Hazardous Waste is safely collected and transported to MXI’s Materials Recovery Facility , which is permitted by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to accept Household Hazardous Waste as Solid Waste per the exemption outlined in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations 40 CFR §261.4(b)(1). MXI processes the materials with the intent on recovering and recycling as much as possible. Please see our FACILTIY DESCIRPTION FROM RESOURCES to get a detailed description how MXI processes each waste stream.

MXI aims to direct all household materials collected at our events to various programs used for beneficial reuse of hazardous waste. All latex paint destined for beneficial reuse in our Latex Paint Recycling Program is generated at our collection events. All oil and antifreeze are recycled by a specialized vendor.

MXI also provides direct environmental cleanup and household hazardous waste services to homeowners. An MXI truck and technician can come directly to your home and remove any waste in a matter of minutes. Pricing will depend on location, timing, and the amount of materials. Please contact us for assistance.

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